Connect Help

Create Your WUSTL KEY

The following are the steps to successfully create your WUSTL KEY:

1) Click on the link above.  You will be prompted to login to WUSTL CONNECT using your 
     current Login ID. Click here if you are unsure of your current Login ID.

2) Select your new Login ID from the list of possible Login IDs provided. 

3) Select a password.  Your password must meet the requirements listed on 
     Step 2 of the WUSTL KEY Registration Page (see image below for example).

4) After you create your WUSTL KEY, please be sure to set up your Secret Questions.

If you successfully created your WUSTL KEY, you will get a confirmation page.  Be sure to remember your WUSTL KEY!  Once your WUSTL KEY is created, you MUST use it to login to all WUSTL CONNECT supported applications.

For more information on selecting a password, click here.


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