Connect Help

Log into applications

Logging onto an application with your new WUSTL KEY is quite easy.

Step #1:
Click on the login button on the home page of the application you want to access.
This will take you to the WUSTL CONNECT Login page.

Step #2:
Enter your new WUSTL KEY Login ID and password and click on "Click Here to Log In".

After you successfully login to WUSTL CONNECT you will be redirected back to the application you originally intended to enter.


  • If you've already logged into one application using this your WUSTL KEY, and you click on a second application that uses the WUSTL KEY, you won't be prompted again for your login information.
  • If you incorrectly input your WUSTL KEY or password, you'll be given the following message: "Incorrect login id and password combination. Please try again".
  • If you try entering your "old" login information, once you've selected your new WUSTL KEY, you'll be given the following message: "Authentication Failed: This credential has been converted to a WUSTL KEY credential. Please enter your WUSTL KEY login id and password".
  • Logging in with your WUSTL KEY assumes you've already setup your new ID and password. For help, see Choosing your WUSTL KEY.


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