Connect Help

What to do if you forgot your WUSTL KEY password

Step #1: Click Here to navigate to the Forgot Password Login page (example shown below).

Step #2: Enter your Login ID, your email address, the displayed CAPTCHA code and click "Next".

Note: For secure authentication, you must enter an email address known by University systems. 

Step #3:  Answer your 3 secret answers

In order to ensure your identity before your password is reset, you must answer your 3 secret questions.  Each question must be answered correctly before you are prompted for additional questions.

NOTE:  If you provide a wrong answer 3 times for any of the 3 questions, your account will be locked and a security alert email will be sent to WUSTL CONNECT Administrators.

Step #4: Click on "OK".  You will then be taken back to the main WUSTL CONNECT page.

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